Click for musicPeacemaker Specialists was founded in 1975 by noted Colt author John A. Kopec to fill the needs of the Colt Single Action Army Collector. In 1991 I took over the reins and steered the direction of the company towards becoming the leader in maximizing the potential of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver, better known as the “Peacemaker”. In the more than forty years we have been in business, Peacemaker Specialists has grown into the premier company nationwide that offers collector services, as well as world class action work, accuracy optimization, cosmetic enhancements, such as our Cowboy Shooters 1880’s Packages and specialized customization that includes period engraving, custom fitted stocks from the most exotic materials and culminating in museum quality restorations with period correct bluing, nickeling, and color case hardening that matches Colts own. We pride ourselves in being an authorized Colt Distributor with the largest selection of current and obsolete parts for the Model “P” in the country, perhaps the world. You will be happy to know our quality and attention to detail is so precise that we are recommended by Colt’s Manufacturing Company and Colt’s Custom Shop. Our background in craftsmanship and competitive pistol competition at the highest levels uniquely qualifies us to produce heirloom quality pistols of uncompromising function, beauty and accuracy.
Colt’s Manufacturing Company is a legend in American western history, and one of the oldest surviving American gun makers, so we strive to preserve the historical value of all the Peacemakers we service. This includes keeping all enhancements within the framework originally set by Colt during the frontier period. In this way you can be assured your investment will be safe in our hands.
It may please you to know we accept only original Colt Single Action Army Revolvers for service, and all parts used on your Peacemaker will also be exclusively manufactured by Colt with the exception of various internal parts that are no longer in current production, in which case we manufacture them to original factory specification Is here in the U.S.A.


These same parts are presently being displayed for you at our Parts location on this site. We gladly accept direct phone orders and mail orders so you can easily have access to the same high quality parts we use on all restorations of the Colt Single Action Army Revolver and Colt Bisley Models.
Last but certainly not least is our uncompromising desire to satisfy each and every client. Building the perfect Colt is only half of the equation. The other half is your satisfaction that we have built you the perfect Colt. That’s when we know we have accomplished our goal. We prove this with our guarantee that your Colt will not break, wear out, or malfunction for the life of the original owner or we will fix it for free. This guarantee does not cover manufactures defects, and is void if your Colt is ever serviced by anyone other than Peacemaker Specialists.