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Genuine Elephant Ivory

(Do to the laws passed by the Obama administration this product is no longer available)

This rare and elegant material is by far the most popular stock material for the Colt Single Action Army Revolver. Made from the highest quality pre-ban elephant ivory, these stocks are perfectly fitted to the pistol so as to provide a seamless transition between the metal and the ivory. Of equal importance but not visible in any photo is the feel these stocks have in your hand. When you hold a Colt with our custom fitted elephant ivory, you will not want to put it down. Our genuine Ivory stocks are available in one piece, two piece, or two piece with blind screw on one side. Ivory stocks are also available with or without medallions. Custom special order Ivory stocks are also available with “Fleur De Lis” Checkering, Custom carving, and Scrimshaw. You will enjoy this addition to your favorite Colt.

For information on the care and feeding of your ivory stocks, please refer to the Connoisseur’s Corner page of this website.



We are pleased to offer this traditional material that has been a part of the Peacemaker legend since Colt issued their first Calvary models for military inspection. Available in military style straight grain, beautiful fancy grain, or amazing French walnut. These perfectly fitted walnut stocks are shaped exactly like those on early U.S. marked Colts. We fit them close to the frame at the top for minimum overhang. All walnut stocks are finished with a hand rubbed oil finish, unless otherwise requested. They are available in one piece style or two piece style with a screw in the center for retention.

Straight Grain Walnut one or two piece oil finish fitted $525.00

Fancy Grain Walnut one or two piece oil finish fitted $575.00

French walnut one or two pieces oil finish fitted. $625.00

Fleur di’ Lis checkering available on any of the above
for an additional $499.00



This dense tropical hard wood has been an excellent medium for pistol stocks for as long as there have been pistols. A rich beautiful satin black with a slight reddish brown under tones, Ebony even graced the Peacemaker of famous actor Richard Boone for the TV western “Paladin”. It’s also not slippery like Buffalo horn when your hands sweat. You can’t beat Ebony if black is your color of preference for pistol stocks. An excellent choice.
Genuine Ebony Stocks two piece fitted $625.00


If you grew up watching Westerns on TV then you saw stags stocks on the Colt Single Actions of Roy Rogers to Matt Dillon. This very durable material has become extremely rare in recent years and at times non-existent. We are happy to inform you we have acquired a limited supply and currently offer this beautifully textured horn to fit your Peacemaker. Available in two piece style only. You won’t find a stronger stock than staghorn. Order early for best selection.

Genuine two piece Staghorn Stocks fitted – call for pricing


We are once again proud to offer this uniquely beautiful material for your Colt. This horn ranges in color from dark gray to black with various streaks of brown, tan or white. Buffalo horn offers an alternative to light colored stocks. It’s an excellent choice on either nickel or blue/case Peacemakers. Buffalo horn is very durable and when polished has a smooth finish with a deep luster that looks very classy, but subtle at the same time. You will enjoy these stocks.

Genuine two piece Buffalo Horn Stocks fitted – call for pricing


We still offer limited quantities of this exquisite natural material. Harvested from the crystal clear waters off the Philippine Islands, this highly prized material was most often found on the highly ornate engraved single action Colts of the southwestern lawmen. Mother of pearl is uniquely heavy for its size and was said to balance better than other materials. The only drawback is its ability to crack or chip under the vibration of shooting, which is evident in the pictures of the historical old Colts of the southwest. We cannot guarantee this material from cracking or splitting if fitted to a Colt for shooting purposes.

Genuine two piece Mother of Pearl Stocks fitted…call for pricing


This elegant material ranges in color from deep burgundy red with dark brown grain to chocolate brown with highly contrasting blonde stripes, much like zebra wood. These exotic stocks are available in one piece or two piece style and will truly dress up your favorite Peacemaker. Feel free to call for particular color and graining requests.

Genuine one or two piece Rosewood Stocks fitted $625.00


These are the “Real Deal”, Colt manufactured Eagle Stocks as issued on all late second and all third generation Colt single action army revolvers. If you have a Colt with the lackluster wood stocks and want the “real factory” stocks on your pistol, we have them. These stocks are highly practical for shooting. Embellished with Colt’s heavy checkering pattern and perfect factory shape, they will give your Peacemaker that original factory look. Need I say more?

Genuine Colt Black Eagle Stocks fitted $475.00


This is the only non-natural material we fit to Colt single action army revolvers. Ultra Ivory is a very high quality Ivory substitute that looks and feels like Ivory, it even yellows with use and age like real Ivory. It’s very hard to tell the difference.

Ivory Micarta – one or two piece Stocks fitted $625.00