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Preventable Damage

Now that we know how to safely carry our Colt, let’s talk about how to keep from causing damage to our prized Peacemaker while we enjoy shooting it.

1. The fastest way to cause major damage to our new six gun is to pull the trigger of our Colt while the hammer is in the first safety notch, or in the second loading notch.
Let me explain
The first notch or click we hear when we cock the hammer back is called the safety notch. This name is misleading as this position in NOT very safe at all. A small blow to the hammer spur will quickly break the delicate hammer notch off, and can set off a live round if there’s one under the hammer, so be aware this position is NOT used as a safety, but if we pull the trigger from this same safety position it will also do the same thing, the result will be a broken hammer and an unsafe weapon, or maybe worse!

2. The second click we hear while cocking the hammer is the loading notch. We will have our Colt in this position a lot as this is the position we will use every time we load, unload or check our cylinder chambers during normal operation. The loading notch is no stronger than the safety notch we just spoke of, and can break off just as easily. By pulling the trigger in this position it will result in an expensive repair and an unsafe weapon that can discharge causing injury or death. So be careful not to pull the trigger in either of these two positions.

3. Next, we’ve all seen cylinders with that ugly ring scratched around the outside! Most think this is caused by a Colt that’s not in proper tune & time. In reality 90% of the time this ugly scar is the result of improper handling by an owner who isn’t aware of the correct handling etiquette.

4. To eliminate scarring your Colt with that damaging drag line on the cylinder is really very easy, here’s how. Whenever you have your hammer cocked back for any reason, whether in the safety notch or loading notch before you lower it down always, and I repeat ALWAYS cock the hammer fully to the rear or full cock position and while holding it with your thumb pull the trigger and let it down from the full cock position all the way forward to the frame. This way, while you are cocking the hammer all the way back the bolt will properly index and come up from the frame and contact the cylinder in the little approach cut-out next to the lock notch on the cylinder, instead of popping up on the cylinder halfway in between the notches and dragging an ugly line all the way to the next notch when you turn your cylinder to rotate it into battery. If your Peacemaker is properly timed, following these easy steps will allow you to shoot many thousands of rounds without ever scarring your cylinder with an ugly drag line.
5. If when you cycle your Colt normally you find that your pistol is so far out of time that your bolt is popping up outside of the cylinder approach and causing a drag line on your cylinder don’t operate it until you can have a qualified gunsmith repair the problem.
By following these easy steps you can now shoot your prized Colt without worry that you will be carrying your Colt in an unsafe condition or causing expensive damage to your new Peacemaker.

Remember only point your pistol at what you want to shoot.

Happy Shooting!!!