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Don’t ask me how I know this…


Never use Hoppe’s #9 to soak your Nickel Colt Parts

Along about 30 years ago I decided one evening after a hard day of shooting that I didn’t have the energy to sit and scrub my heavily fowled Nickel Colt. The short cut I decided to take was simply to take the dirtiest parts and drop them into a 30 Cal. Ammo can I had partially filled with good old Hoppe’s #9 nitro solvent. Having used this tried and true solvent ever since I watched my Dad clean his shotgun after a day in the field hunting pheasants, I decided if it’s good enough for him, it surely good enough for me. Since I’ve always thought if a little is good, a lot must be better. I plunked those nice Colt nickel parts into the can to sit overnight and ease my cleaning burden. It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized I was in trouble. Pulling out those formally nickel plated parts I found that they were now rainbow colored and that a total refinish was the only way to repair the mistake of my laziness.