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1.“GUNSLINGER” Deluxe Action Job $695.00
Our top of the line action job is designed to give you 100% reliability, and is guaranteed for as long as you own the pistol. In accomplishing this you will have the highest level of mechanical integrity. By optimizing every internal part, your Colt will feel like it’s running on ball bearings and yet lock-up like a bank vault. This world-class action job is by which all other action jobs are measured. Enjoy the very best for your Colt. The GUNSLINGER Action Job includes installation of our proprietary gun fighter springs that are guaranteed for life, along with setting your desired trigger pull weight.
Please call for more details.

Gives your modern Colt that vintage 1880’s look, choose any or all options:
1.Remark Barrel, 45 Colt, etc $350.00
2.Remark 2 line address (43⁄4″barrels only) $350.00
3.Reflute Cylinder…$350.00
4.Bevel Cylinder…$350.00
5.Recontour Front Sight (not advised with short sights)…$350.00
6.Bevel Ejector Tube End…$175.00
7.Bevel Heel and Toe of Grip Frame…$250.00
8.Checker Hammer Spur like 1880’s w/Border…$350.00
9.Color Case Hammer…$295.00.
10. Color Case Frame…$849.00 plus polishing
11. Charcoal Blue Revolver… $849.00 plus polishing

We can now provide for the custom rechambering of your .357 magnum or 32-20 cylinders to:
45 Colt, 44 Special and 44-40 calibers…………………$395.00 per cyl.
plus return U.P.S. Allow about 6 weeks. This service is only provided at customer’s risk. We cannot be responsible for accidental tool breakage when boring your cylinder. Let us know if we can help with your custom boring jobs. By boring your own cylinder you can keep the serial numbers matching on your newly calibrated revolver.
NOTE:45 Colt Chambers Measure .452.

3.Trigger Job only. Adjust to your specs, remove creep…$300.00
4.Competition Unloading Chute (not externally visible)…$250.00
5.Cylinder end shake removal (may need to set barrel back
to maintain BBL./CYL. gap. Not included in price…$295.00
6.Adjustable Hammer Stop (not externally visible)…$325.00
7.Firing Pins (Solid) installed (plus parts)…$55.00
8.Firing Pins (Floating) installed (plus parts)…$75.00
9.Recoil Plate installed (Replaced)…$450.00
10.Hammer Cams installed (plus parts)…$55.00
11.Hammer Rollers installed (plus parts)…$45.00
12.New Front Sights milled and fitted (Blueing Extra)…$495.00
13.Front Sights welded higher and shaped and colored…$395.00
15.Tune and Time your revolver.
Billed according to average labor time required (parts xtra).$395.00
16.Cylinders fitted….$295.00
17.Adjust Barrel/Cylinder gap to custom specs…$349.00
18.Barrels fitted…$295.00
19.Forcing Cone re-cut to 11°…$149.00
20.Test Fire and Adjust Sights (Windage Only)…$249.00
21.Test Fire and Adjust Sights
(Windage Only) w/o repair job…$295.00

NOTE:We only use Black Hills ammunition unless you provide us with your custom loaded ammunition.

22.Cleaning Services…$175.00

23.REFINISHING: We are pleased to again offer this service to our customers. Finest quality. Our Case-Colors closely duplicate those of the early Colt Single Actions. The Charcoal-Blue is a very pleasing blue, not black, which is very durable. This Charcoal-Blue and Case-Coloring work includes total disassembly and assembly after the work is completed. Test firing and adjusting the sights is $249.00 additional. We will not accept any revolvers with original finish to be refinished. We will only refinish those revolvers which have previously been refinished. Please call if you have any questions.

a. Case-Color Frame:…$849.00 plus polishing
(extra polishing not included in price)
b. Case-Color Hammer:…$295.00
c. Charcoal Blue Revolver:… $849.00 plus polishing
(extra polishing not included in price)

Hammer Notch Rebuilding on pistols sent in for restoration only


1st Style:1873-1875 Production, Longest course checkering.
2nd Style:1876-1880s Long course checkering.
3rd Style:1890s-1900s Short course checkering.
3-A Style:Early 1900s Bordered fine checkering.
4th Style:1906-1912 Course crescent checkering.
5th Style:1910-1941 (pre-1931 were case-colored) fine knurling.


6th Style:1955-1959 High Profile, solid pin w/rampant Colt Trademark.
7th Style:1960s (early) Solid firing pin, Low Profile 25000-33000 SNR.
8th Style:1960s (late) Floating Firing Pin, Low Profile.
9th Style:1970s Floating firing pin, High Profile.
10th Style:1980s High Profile, “P” marked, narrow shank, floating pin.
11th Style:1985 to current production, narrow shank, floating pin.


Originally all Colt Single Action working parts were hand-fitted.
As there are so many variables found on this revolver, hand-fitting may be necessary in most cases to make your revolver function perfectly. If you experience fitting problems, we will do this work for you at the basic charge. PLEASE INCLUDE A LETTER OR NOTE OF INSTRUCTIONS WITH YOUR COLT REVOLVER. LET US KNOW EXACTLY WHAT WORK YOU WOULD LIKE DONE.

Prices subject to change with out notice

“A prize handgun is a work of art, just as much as the engine in a grand prix Ferrari.”
Steve McQueen