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The Speed Scabbard by Thad Rybka $225.00

This new addition to our Holster line has been a long time coming. I have personally used this Speed Scabbard since 1994 and swear by it. You have seen this Holster in the photo gallery section of our website, and after numerous requests we are pleased to offer this unique item. Elegantly shaped, beautifully crafted, excellent stitching and workmanship are just a few of the comments we have received from satisfied customers.

You will not be disappointed when you slide your Colt in this perfectly shaped Speed Rig.
If I could only own one Holster for my Colts, this would be it, Period.

We stock Right Handed Holsters for 4 ¾ “barreled Colts, and can order them for longer barrels and Lefty’s. Available only with 1 ½ “belt loops and natural brown ruff-out finish.

















Peacemaker Specialists Base Pin Puller $52.95

This new base pin extraction tool is a direct result of customer demand. It seems the more tightly a Peacemaker locks in battery, the more difficult it is to remove the base pin. We also find that a burr on the base pin can make the pin just about impossible to remove by hand. We did our research and came up with what we think is the best tool for the job. This puller is precisely ground to fit Colt base pins properly, providing the least likely chance of slippage. The Peacemaker Base Pin Puller is then blued and dipped in plastic to provide a slip-proof grip that won’t scratch the finish on your Colt, should the handle come in contact with the outer surface of your pistol. Another quality product from Peacemaker Specialists.


Peacemaker Screwdriver Set $32.95

Back in the 80’s Peacemaker first introduced their specially ground screwdriver for the Colt SAA.
Since then we have sold literally thousands of them. Now, by customer request we have up-graded with a second larger bladed driver to handle the Hammer screw and the added torque required for the mainspring screw. These 2 Screwdrivers are the only drivers you will find on the work bench of Eddie Janis.






Peacemaker Specialist Hats $26.95 ea

A great looking, high quality, cotton twill cap that looks equally at home on the range or at the gun club. This stylish semi-constructed hat is embroidered with the “Peacemaker Specialists” logo on the front and “Colt, The Legend Lives”on the back. Due to customer demand we have expanded our selection. You can now choose from navy blue hats with red and gold logos, black hats also with red and gold logos, or khaki hats with two tone green logos. A strap and buckle in the back makes this hat adjustable to any size. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this quality product.





Peacemaker Hangunner $26.95

Peacemaker Specialists is proud to introduce this indispensable item. The Hangunner was designed to increase the capacity of your gun safe by utilizing the door for storage.This ingenious hanger has become invaluable for displaying hand guns in the most aesthetically pleasing manner and is now being used by the nations foremost Colt collectors to display their prized Colts at gun shows. The Hangunner is CNC machined of aluminum alloy to exact bore diameters, then anodized to a pleasing matte black finish. Available in 22, 30, 32, 38-357, 38-40, 44 and 45, The Hangunner can be mounted in either metal or wood with all necessary hardware included.



Cowboy Survival Kit $154.95

Cowboy Deluxe Survival Kit $207.95 (Includes Base Pin Puller)

If you are shooting your “stock” Colt Single Action Army revolver and have not had one of our Gunslinger Action Jobs (which comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee) Then this kit is a must have item. Included in the cowboy survival kit is one each of the three springs that are most likely to fail on your Colt. The mainspring, the sear and bolt spring and the hand spring. Along with these 3 springs comes a set of our special hollow ground screwdrivers that are not just your average “Gunsmithing Screwdrivers”, but have been ground and contoured to custom fit all the screws on your pistol. When used correctly, these drivers allow you to disassemble, install the new springs and reassemble your Colt without ever looking like the screws have been touched. In fact I keep a set of these drivers in each of my shooting bags as well as at my bench to check all the external screws on my Peacemakers before and after each shooting session just to keep them snug. As most of you already know, it is quite common for them to shoot loose, especially the base pin latch unit, (which requires both screw drivers, one on each side) and the ejector tube. When these parts come loose and fall off, it’s rare that all the parts can be found. A good investment that will save you time and money

















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