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The Correct Parts for Restoring & Repairing Colt Single Action Army Revolvers & Bisleys

If you are repairing or restoring a Colt Single Action Army Revolver or Bisley Model for Cowboy Action Shooting, or just getting that old Hogleg back in shape these are the parts you need. All parts are designed to be historically accurate with the correct style and finish for 1st, 2nd and 3rd generation Colt SAA’s and Bisleys. The screws are finished in custom lengths for proper fit and include domed heads and correct slot sizes. Hands and Bolts are heat treated and come oversized for gunsmith fitting

SPEC: 1215, 1018, ETD152, 4140 steel as applicable, Blue, Nickel, Color Case (C/C), Stainless Steel (S/S), Brass Plated (B/P) or in the White (ITW) finish.

Peacemaker Specialists Parts: are constructed of the highest quality cold finish steel referred to in the industry as C12L14. This material allows for ease of fitting and is very durable. We offer these parts in the highest quality of Nickel and Blue finish.

1ST Generation Peacemaker Parts Screws

All Peacemaker Parts screws are designed to be historically accurate with properly domed heads and correct slot sizes. This is important when restoring vintage Colt SAA’s. We make them indistinguishable from Colt’s.

Barrel Stud Unit with Ejector Tube Screw

Eliminate costly barrel replacement with this handy part. Simply replace your stripped or loose ejector stud by silver soldering this unit in place. This Barrel Stud can be used on any generation Colt SAA barrel.

Base Pins

When selecting a base pin for your Colt SAA it is important to choose the correct replacement part. Peacemaker Parts offers 1st generation style base pins for smokeless and black powder model Colts SAA’s. These parts differ from the modern Colt base pins in head configuration. The smokeless head is correct for all 1st Generation Colt SAA’s that use the smokeless style frame with the spring cross latch retention device. Our black powder model has the small center hole and also an abbreviated retaining slot, which is correct for all 1st Generation Black Powder style frames with a screw retention device. We also carry 2nd & 3rd Generation style base pins with the correct style head configuration.

Base Pin Bushing

A must have part for any gunsmith tuning a 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Colt SAA. Easily removes end shake and tightens cylinder for proper barrel / cylinder gap.

Base Pin Screws for Pre-war and Post-war Black Powder Style Frames

This part is designed to fit only 1st Generation Black Powder model Colt SAA’s, manufactured from 1873 to 1900, before Colt changed to the cross-spring latch. The Post-war base pin screw fits all 2nd and 3rd Generation Black Powder frames, but is improved with a long round nose that bares on the Back Powder style base pin. This screw solves several problems the current Colt screw creates.

Bolt Old Style 

Our old style bolt is a direct duplicate of the obsolete Colt part. Specially made with longer legs than current Colt bolts. This allows longer bolt dwell to properly time all 1st and Early 2nd generation SAA’s. Eliminates those unsightly rings between the cylinder bolt notches. An added bonus of this part is that we offer it with an extra wide head so it can be tightly fitted to worn or overly wide cylinder bolt notches.

Bolt & Trigger Screws

Two things make these screws unique first our bolt screws are .019 shorter than our trigger screws. This is a small but important feature that Colt has overlooked. SAA frames are tapered toward the front, this necessitates a shorter bolt screw and slightly longer trigger screw when trying to achieve that properly finished look on the off side of the frame. Secondly with properly domed heads and perfectly polished finishes, these screws are indistinguishable from the original obsolete Colt screws. Lastly, with Cowboy Action Shooter’s putting more rounds through their Colts than ever before, these special heat treated screws really stand up to the task.

Ejector Springs Steel Brass Plated

Colt used this type of spring on all 1st generation SAA’s and Bisley Models until approximately 1920. A nice cosmetic enhancement to that early restoration project, or 3rd Generation 1880’s custom package.

Ejector Tube Screws for 1st Generation Colts

With two models available these screws only fit 1st generation SAA’s or Bisley models. Standard length screw fits pistols made after 1875 with the protruding barrel stud. Longer model is made for 1st or 2nd year production pistols with only the threaded hole in the barrel, requiring the extra length.

Firing Pins – Cone & Concave

These solid mounted firing pins were standard issue on all Colts manufactured through the early 1960’s. The cone shaped pin is correct for all SAA’s and Bisley through 1935. After approximately 1935 Colt switched to the concave pins. This means that one or the other of these firing pins would be correct for all 1st generation SAA’s and Bisley models, and 2nd generation SAA’s through the mid 1960’s.

Gate Catch, Spring and Screw

These parts are 1st generation specific and used on all SAA’s and Bisley models through 1940.

Hammer Cams – Standard and Oversize

These are very important when rebuilding the hammer. Often times the cam will become rounded and the bolt leg will fall off prematurely. By replacing the hammer cam you can increase the dwell time of the bolt. This helps eliminate costly bolt replacements. Occasionally a problem gun will need an oversized cam for extended bolt dwell time.

Hammer Roller and Pin

These parts are generation specific and are different dimension than the post war parts of the same description. These parts are required for a proper hammer restoration.

Hand Assembly Old Style

The “Old style” designation refers to 1st and Early 2nd generation pistols including all Bisley models. The old style hand is required to be longer than the modern hand. To accommodate Bisley model Colts, it has to be even longer. As a fitted part we start with a longer hand that can be fitted to any of the above pistols. This part comes with a Colt manufactured handspring installed.

Mainspring Bisley Model

Due to scarcity of original Bisley mainsprings we offer this spring to help gunsmiths restore these valuable Colts, or tune Bisley Model Colts for Cowboy Action Shooting.

Mainspring Screw Old Style Threads

A required part for all 1st generation black powder and smokeless SAA’s and all Bisley models.

Stock Pin Pre-War Diameter

A required part for 1st generation black powder and smokeless SAA’s and all Bisley models. Not required on pistols with one-piece grips.

Stock Screw with Escutcheons

A real convenience to all gunsmiths and grip makers when making custom grips or repairing original grips with striped threads. Available in Blue and Nickel finishes

2ND and 3RD Generation Peacemaker Parts

Cylinder Spacer Extra Long

This is the press in part that is used on all early 3rd generation cylinders to remove end shake and maintain proper barrel / cylinder gap.

Front Sight Blanks

Theses sight blanks are designed to fit late 2nd and all 3rd generation barrels. Manufactured extra tall for shooting heavy loads and can be cut down for light loads. Must be silver soldered in place.

Strap and Guard Screws

These sets are comprised of two backstrap screws, two rear trigger guard screws, one front trigger guard screw and one butt screw. Fits all Colt SAA’s and Bisley models.

Peacemaker Parts Complete Screws Sets

1ST Generation Peacemaker Screw Sets

All Pre-war black powder screw sets are comprised of eleven external screws, including the base pin retaining screw and three internal screws.

All Pre-war smokeless screw sets are comprises of ten external screws and three internal screws. Available in both Blue and Nickel finish.

Bisley Screw Set

All Bisley smokeless screw sets are comprises of ten external screws and three internal screws. Available in both Blue and Nickel finish

 2nd and 3RD Generation Peacemaker Screw Sets

All post-war smokeless screw sets are comprised of ten external screws and three internal screws. Available in both Blue and Nickel finish.