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First Things First

This essay is for those who are trying to do things right with their New or “old for that matter” Colt Peacemaker.
We will start with the proper loading sequence first. Most know this, but for new members of our fraternity here goes.

1. The first thing is to make sure your Colt is unloaded and safe.

2. Cock the hammer to the second click, which is the loading notch. If your Colt is timed properly the cylinder should turn freely. If it doesn’t turn freely your pistol is unsafe to shoot and should not be shot until it’s repaired by a qualified gunsmith.
Once the hammer is in the loading notch position, open the loading gate on the right hand side of the recoil shield. This will expose the cylinder chambers.

3. With 5 rounds set aside, not 6… Load one chamber only. Then skip one chamber then load the next four chambers in a row.

4. After you load the last bullet, close the loading gate. Then cock the hammer ALL the way back, Hold the hammer with your thumb and pull the trigger easing the hammer down slowly. The hammer will now be down on an empty chamber and the colt will be safe to carry.

5. I know someone will always say they have another way, but believe me this is THE ONLY WAY to carry a Colt Peacemaker safely and correctly.

6. If you ever find yourself being attacked by a band of hostile Indians or become involved in an extended gun battle and you feel the need to load all 6 chambers, REMEMBER, to carry a Colt Single Action safely all the Pistoleros of the past and present do so with the hammer down on an empty chamber. Many a good horse was shot when their rider fell carrying a Colt with the hammer down on a live round.