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“Don’t Ask Me How I Know This”


How to ruin your ivory stocks.

This series of short essays is provided courtesy of yours truly to save you heart- ache, embarrassment and in the end cash.

Never put a Colt you just fitted with one piece genuine Elephant Ivory stocks into your gun safe that is equipped with a de-humidification system.

Sometime on the far side of 20 years ago I decided that since I was in the Peacemaker business, and that my 2 consecutive serial numbered nickel plated 3rd generation 45’s were still wearing the Colt black plastic eagle grips, I could just barely afford to splurge. Splurge to me means one piece Elephant Ivory stocks, designed to produce the desired “Doc Holiday” effect. So after scratching together enough dinero over a period of time I now owned my 2 dream guns with beautiful ivory stocks. Next comes the good part. I did not want to be irresponsible and leave these 2 beauties out all the time to just fondle and drool over. I was a good boy and put them away in my nice humidity controlled gun safe.

Days turned into weeks before I was able to free up enough time to go out and shoot again. It was then that I found the error in my ways. Pulling out my 2 beautiful Colts I suddenly detected a distinct rattle. Looking more closely I found what can only be described as 2 shriveled up pieces of Ivory rattling around on the grip frames of my beautiful Peacemakers. It would’ve been bad enough to have learned this lesson on one set of elegant Ivory stocks, but two sets just about put me in the poor house.