Serial number 1

California Bull-Dog

A nice revolver in .44 caliber, marked “Shreve & Wolf” on the frame, with gutta percha grips that are molded with florals, a bearded classical face, and checkering. The frame has “California Bull-Dog” on the top. There is a European proof stamp of an “N” with a star over it. The cylinder has “ELG” in circled along with a 1 and A. The frame has “California Bull-Dog” on the top, and “Shreve & Wolf” over “San Francisco” on the frame. Shreve & Wolf were gun sellers and gunsmiths who went out of business in 1886. The gun is good working condition, the gate spring is not working properly. Dimensions: 8 inches long overall, with the barrel being 2.25 inches long. Serial #1