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Colt SAA 3rd Generation Peacemaker Parts

Schematic Description
POA : Prices on Availability

CM51573B Backstrap (Various) POA
1051572B Backstrap Screw Blue 12.75
CM51572 Backstrap Screw Blue POA
1051572N Backstrap Screw Nickel 15.75
CM51572N Backstrap Screw Nickel POA
1000002W Barrel Stud Unit with Screw (In the White) 32.50
2050977B Base Pin Smokeless Blue 30.00
CM50977B Base Pin Smokeless Blue POA
20509771OS Base Pin Smokeless Oversize .251 Blue 34.00
20509772OS Base Pin Smokeless Oversize .252 Blue 34.00
2050977FB Base Pin Smokeless fire Blue 50.00
2050977N Base Pin Smokeless Nickel 35.75
CM50977N Base Pin Smokeless Nickel POA
1050978B Base Pin Bushing Blue 2nd Gen. (Requires Fitting) 25.00
1050978N Base Pin Bushing Nickel 2nd Gen. (Requires Fitting) 29.75
2050979S Base Pin Latch Spring Stainless 6.75
8053481 Base Pin Latch Spring Extra Strong 10.50
2050980B Base Pin Latch Unit Blue POA
2050980N Base Pin Latch Unit Nickel POA
CM50979B Base Pin Latch Unit Blue POA
CM50979FB Base Pin Latch Unit Fire Blue POA
CM50979N Base Pin Latch Unit Nickel POA
CM50980 Base Pin Screw (for Black Powder Models) Blue POA
CM50980 Base Pin Screw (for Black Powder Models) Nickel POA
CM50976 Bolt 3rd Generation POA
2051570B Bolt Screw Blue 14.75
CM51570 Bolt Screw Blue POA
2051570N Bolt Screw Nickel 17.75
CM50963N Bolt Screw Nickel POA
4053428B Cylinder Spacer Blue 3rd Gen (Requires Fitting) 26.75
4053428N Cylinder Spacer Nickel 3rd Gen (Requires Fitting) 30.75
CM53337A Ejector Unit Bullseye Head w/round rod blue POA
CM53337B Ejector Unit Bullseye Head w/narrow rod blue POA
CM53337AN Ejector Unit Bullseye Head w/round rod nickel POA
CM53337BN Ejector Unit Bullseye Head w/narrow rod nickel POA
CM50972A Ejector Unit Crescent Head w/round rod blue POA
CM50972B Ejector Unit Crescent Head w/narrow rod blue POA
CM50972AN Ejector Unit Crescent Head w/round rod Nickel POA
CM50972BN Ejector Unit Crescent Head w/narrow rod Nickel POA
2050973S Ejector Spring Stainless Steel 24.95
5050973B Ejector Spring Steel Brass Plated as Originals 51.95
CM50969B Ejector Tube Modern Colt Mfg. Blue POA
CM50969N Ejector Tube Modern Colt Mfg. Nickel POA
USED Ejector Tube Colt Mfg. Various Used Blue and Nickel POA
2051568B Ejector Tube Screw Blue 14.75
CM51568 Ejector Tube Screw Blue POA
2051568N Ejector Tube Screw Nickel 17.75
CM51568N Ejector Tube Screw Nickel POA
CM51914B Firing Pin (Floating) Blue POA
CM51914N Firing Pin (Floating) Nickel POA
CM50991 Firing Pin Rivet for Floating Firing Pin Only POA
CM51683 Firing Pin Micro Spring for Floating Firing Pin Only POA
2051195 Firing Pin Ball for Floating Firing Pin Only POA
40991234 Front Sight Blank 32.95
1051565B Front Trigger Guard Screw Blue (Same as Butt Screw) 12.75
CM51565B Front Trigger Guard Screw Blue (Same as Butt Screw) POA
1051565N Front Trigger Guard Screw Nickel (Same as Butt Screw) 15.75
CM51565N Front Trigger Guard Screw Nickel (Same as Butt Screw) POA
2050967B Gate Catch 12.25
2051571B Gate Catch Screw 12.25
CM51571B Gate Catch Screw POA
CM50966 Gate Spring POA
2050966S Gate Spring 12.25
2050877B Hammer Cam Standard Size 16.75
2050959B Hammer Roller Blue 9.00
2050960B Hammer Roller Pin 7.95
2051574B Hammer Screw Blue 14.75
CM51574B Hammer Screw Blue POA
2051574N Hammer Screw Nickel 17.75
CM51574N Hammer Screw Nickel POA
CM52765B Hammer Unit Complete Blue POA
CM52765CC Hammer Unit Complete Color Case POA
CM52765N Hammer Unit Complete Nickel POA
CM52770 Hand Assembly (Fits 3rd Gen.) POA
CM50965 Hand Spring POA
CM50982 Mainspring, Modern Colt Mfg. POA
CM50982TO Mainspring (Slightly Used, Guaranteed) POA
2051567B Mainspring Screw Blue 14.75
CM51567B Mainspring Screw Blue POA
2051567N Mainspring Screw Nickel 17.75
CM51567N Mainspring Screw Nickel POA
1051566B Rear Guard Screw Blue 12.75
CM51566B Rear Guard Screw Blue POA
1051566N Rear Guard Screw Nickel 15.75
CM51566N Rear Guard Screw Nickel POA
4051912B Recoil Plate (For Floating Firing Pins) 44.95
CM50974 Sear & Bolt Spring POA
CM50974TO Sear & Bolt Springs (slightly used, Guaranteed) POA
1051569B Sear & Bolt Spring Screw Blue 12.75
CM51569 Sear & Bolt Spring Screw Blue POA
CM52594 Stock Assembly, Eagle (Original Colt) w/screw POA
CM53501 Stock Medallions, New Mfg. Gold or Silver POA
2051517B Stock Pin Blue 10.75
2085192B Stock Screw Blue 14.75
CM51576B Stock Screw Blue POA
2085192N Stock Screw Nickel 17.75
CM51576N Stock Screw Nickel POA
207026EB Stock Screw with Brass Escutcheons 25.00
207026EN Stock Screw with Nickel Escutcheons 30.00
CM52767 Trigger New Blue POA
CM52767N Trigger New Nickle POA
CM52767FB Trigger New Fire Blue POA
CM51577 Trigger Guards (various) POA
2051570TB Trigger Screw Blue 14.75
CM51570 Trigger Screw Blue POA
2051570TN Trigger Screw Nickel 17.75
CM51570N Trigger Screw Nickel POA
CM518949 Washer, Nylon for External Screws (set of 9) 45.75
PS003 Peacemaker Specialists Custom Hats 25.00
Hangunner Custom Hangunner Specify Caliber 25.50
BP001 Peacemaker Specialists Base Pin Puller 50.95
SD003 Custom SAA Screwdriver Set 31.95
Style Colt Single Action Army 3rd Gen. Peacemaker Screw Sets
CM705010 Colt Manufactured High Polish Screw Set Blue (10 External) POA
CM705010N Colt Manufactured High Polish Screw Set Nickel (10 External) POA
705015B 3rd Gen. Smokeless Screws Blue 165.75
705016N 3rd Gen. Smokeless Screws Nickel 195.75
705017B Strap & Guard Screws Blue (set of six) 75.75
705018N Strap & Guard Screws Nickel (set of six) 93.75
705022FB 3rd Gen. Smokeless Screw Set Fire Blue (10 External Screws
Individual Fire Blue Screws 23.25
Important no returns on Fire Blue Screws.
Peacemaker Specialists New Improved Base Pin Retention Kit
1250987B Base Pin Retention Kit Blue 75.75
1250987N Base Pin Retention Kit Nickel 95.75
Includes: Improved Base Pin Latch Unit, Extra Strong Latch
Spring, and New
Improved Base Pin for Optimum Retention.
Peacemaker Specialists New Improved Black Powder Frame Kit
2350989B Black Powder Frame Kit Blue 67.75
2350989N Black Powder Frame Kit Nickel 77.75
Includes: Improved Base Pin Screw with longer unthreaded round
(like 1st Gen. screws) and 1st Gen Style Base Pin with small
“U” cut to allow proper
screw contact and center hole on the end of the Base Pin for
appropriate historical appearance
Cowboy Survival Kit – Recommended Spare Parts Kit 135.00
Includes: Peacemaker Specialists Screw Driver Set, 1
Mainspring, 1 Hand Spring
and 1 Sear & Bolt Spring



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NO returns after 30 days!

Cowboy Survival Kit $135.00

If you are shooting your “stock” Colt Single Action Army revolver and have not had one of our Gunslinger Action Jobs (which comes with a lifetime mechanical guarantee) Then this kit is a must have item. Included in the cowboy survival kit is one each of the three springs that are most likely to fail on your Colt. The mainspring, the sear and bolt spring and the hand spring. Along with these 3 springs comes a set of our special hollow ground screwdrivers that are not just your average “Gunsmithing Screwdrivers”, but have been ground and contoured to custom fit all the screws on your pistol. When used correctly, these drivers allow you to disassemble, install the new springs and reassemble your Colt without ever looking like the screws have been touched. In fact I keep a set of these drivers in each of my shooting bags as well as at my bench to check all the external screws on my Peacemakers before and after each shooting session just to keep them snug. As most of you already know, it is quite common for them to shoot loose, especially the base pin latch unit, (which requires both screw drivers, one on each side) and the ejector tube. When these parts come loose and fall off, it’s rare that all the parts can be found. A good investment that will save you time and money

“Strive for perfection in everything.
Take the best that exists and make it better.
If it doesn’t exist, create it.
Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”
Sir Henry Royce,
co-founder of Rolls-Royce